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Love it, Stack it & Wear it 24/7 ✨

Mix & Match
Create your own bracelets stack

Are you looking for mix and match bracelets with real gemstones and lifetime warranty on all silver and gold beads? In 2 steps you come to your ultimate wrist game!

Step 1
Start with the Essentials

The silver and golden essentials bracelets are the basis for every jewelry lover. Sport, swim, perfume, it doesn't matter. These bracelets never discolour!

Step 2
Add color

Complete your look by adding colorful gemstone bracelets. In trending colors every season!

Ready, set, go!

Bracelets Stacks

Can't choose? No problem. We have already made the most beautiful combination and summer stacks for you. Looking for a gift or do you want to start with the perfect basic bracelets? These sets are the perfect starter kits.

Mix and match with precious stones

Discover the collections

In addition to the bracelets of Sparkling You create your own style with rings, earrings, chains and pendants. If you have found your favorite basic items, you can follow your daily feelings by making other combinations with the interchangeable gems.