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Mix & Match

Discover the mix and match necklaces from Sparkling. A trendy collection of interchangeable Gemstones, pendants and necklaces With which you can show exactly who you are. Mix, Match & Layer Up for every occasion!


Which necklace suits you? The essential of your jewelry is of course a beautiful necklace. Choose your favorite necklace(s) and length.

Step 1


Choose one of the pendulum pendants to interchangeable Gemstones to hang. Or do you prefer an amulet? Then you have your own custom-made necklace after this step!

Step 2


Have you chosen a pendulum pendant? Complete your set by adding colorful Gemstones. Your own unique look in no time.

Step 3
Always nicely packaged!

One thing has all jewelry in common: with the greatest care, love and attention they are packed for those beautiful, loved ones and special moments.

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