Our Story.

Welcome to the world of Sparkling Jewels, a Dutch-based contemporary jewelry brand. Our design philosophy focuses on creating personal and interchangeable jewelry for every woman, young or old. 
Mix and Match with semi-precious gemstones to create your own and unique sets of jewelry for each and every occasion. In a snap you are able to switch our wide range of colourful gems with the interchangeable Sparkling Jewels earrings, bracelets and pendants.


Gemstones and minerals are mysterious treasures given to us by earth’s inner soul. These unique pieces of nature are the focus parts of the entire Sparkling Jewels collection. Gemstones have played various roles in myths and legends of human cultures throughout history. Some tell a story or are believed to have special powers, but all of them share a common beauty. Each gem is unique with a special colour, birthplace and story.

Our jewelry is designed to wear at all times. Whether it is combined with a beautiful cocktail dress or an inspirational street style look. An integral part of our designs is its ability to be worn alone or layered. We design each item with love and ensure that every jewel meets our high quality requirements.

Everybody deserves to sparkle. You deserve to sparkle! 

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