Cherry Cherry Baby

Cherry Cherry baby! As you might know we have a weak spot for precious stones and gemstones. Here, we lay out a field guide to the most popular stones that we've selected for our Spring Summer Collection and the powers they're thought to posses. 

We absolutely love the Cherry Quartz stone, it is one of our favourite Summer stones. I mean, how could you not? This bright pink, often with lighter swirls stone is one of a kind!

The Cherry Quartz is not naturally formed and is only a dyed quartz. Yes you've heard that right, this is a man-made stone. That doesn't mean that this stone could have powerful meanings. Some people say that this stone can help you with anger and tension. Other healing properties are: helping with colds, flu and infections... Well, that would be helpful! Others say that this stone will fill you with energetic enthusiasm. You would be raring to go and try different things!

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