Choose the right necklace?

Are you looking to buy a new necklace set and don't know which size to pick? Read on to learn how to choose the right and most flattering length for your neck and body shape. 

It may not seem stressful picking out the perfect necklace, but things get tricky when they come in multiple sizes. How do you know which size to pick?  More importantly,  how do you know which necklace length will flatter you the most? While it may seem like jewelry is one-size-fits all, different lengths are suitable for different purposes - and different people and different pendants!

If you're stressed about finding the right necklace length for you, never fear! We're here to help you with some handy tips...

A necklace of 45CM is known as a princess necklace. It's best worn on the collarbone, and it's a versatile piece of jewelry that looks good with just about everything! We can recommend it with one of our minimal pendants for example one of our favourites: the Core Crystal with CZ stones.
Then you have the 60CM colliers also known as Matinee necklaces. Be sure to wear simple tops without much decoration to avoid clashing with the necklace or losing it in a busy pattern. Women who want to accentuate their cleavage will love this length, as it sits below the collar bones and draws the eye down the chest. We have this length in two different types: the Criss Cross and the Anchor Chain 

Besides those two you can also choose for the Opera length in other words the 70CM colliers and 80CM colliers. The opera style is ideal if your bust line is more attractive than your neckline. 

Rope necklaces are normally above 114CM so we can't really say that our 90CM collier is the same. But it still very pretty and available in Ballchain, Criss Cross and Loop Chain.

Important for you when purchasing a necklace: all of our colliers fits with the 20CM pendants, but only the 45CM, 60CM and 80CM fits through the loop of the Minimal pendants. 

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