“With Sparklinks you can link an individually designed bracelet, to a gemstone necklace† With this you give an extra low and dimension to the layering concept. ”

- Sharon van de Hof

In the third episode of our docu series you can see how Sparkling Jewels In recent years, the most extensive jewelry concept has grown in which mixing and matching with precious stones is central. For example, wear the subtle autumn tones of Tiger Eye and Citrine Quartz as short necklace, or go more exuberantly and combine the necklaces with a connected long link, rope or curb chain. What will be your favorite combination?

This season we are introducing the unique Sparklinks concept! Transform the sparklinks bracelets and gemstone necklaces to true statement necklaces. The perfect basis for all your Necklace Laying! All items can be carried individually, but also the Sparklinks Items, as the word says it, links together.

Mix & Match With Sparklinks