Twist Ring Rose Quartz - 9 carat gold
Twist Ring Rose Quartz - 9 carat gold
Twist Ring Rose Quartz - 9 carat gold
Twist Ring Rose Quartz - 9 carat gold
Twist Ring Rose Quartz - 9 carat gold
Twist Ring Rose Quartz - 9 carat gold
Twist Ring Rose Quartz - 9 carat gold

Twist Ring Rose Quartz - 9 carat gold

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  • 9 carat gold
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Rose quartz
9 carat gold

Our golden rings are made from 9 carat gold. So it's real gold rings And the rings will not discolor. The twist rings are characterized by the round shapes and the known Twist Pattern in the ring itself.

The Rose Quartz Twist Ring is a golden ring with oval stone. Due to the subtle, soft color of the Rose quartz Adjust this ring with every outfit and you can wear it with every occasion.

Mix & Match

Our rings Can be loose, but also excellent to combine with each other. So mix & match freely on it! The combination with the Golden ring with amazonite is very colorful while the Gold Twist Additional Ring ensures a more subtle look. Combine this ring with the golden zirconia twist ring If you go out a chic evening. The Rose Quartz Edge Ring is of course also perfectly combined with other jewelry running with Rose quartz.


Because Rose Quartz is the stone of love, this ring is perfect for a romantic date.

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Mix & Match voor elke gelegenheid

Trustpilot reviews


A very fast delivery. It was already a party to open the fun package!

Mrs. De Jong

The service is excellent, it is a pleasure to view the jewelry on the website, they keep you up if something is not available or if something is sent. The jewelry is very beautiful and are also beautiful and neatly packaged.


I have several sets of Sparkling. It is always a party when I get a package from Sparkling Jewels! Always good quality, the jewelry remains really beautiful.


Nice elegant jewelry, with a question you get a quick answer and and in my eyes just a good webshop where you can place your order with peace of mind. And certainly not unimportantly a fast shipping.


Wide choice of beautiful jewelry, a sparkle for the eyes. Price and quality is in proportion. Contact with customer service is friendly and adequate. I could easily adjust and return my order.



Our passion is in local productions and in close collaboration with goldsmiths to further develop their craft. All Sparkling Jewels Jewelry is handmade in Thailand, Hong Kong and Italy.

Always nicely packed

One thing has all jewelry in common: with the greatest care, love and attention they are packed for those beautiful, loved ones and special moments.


We believe that jewelry has an emotional meaning for the wearer. The raw materials that we use for our jewelry are extracted ecologically and retain their value.

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