Ways to wear Rose Quartz

We've said it before, but gosh we are absolutely in love with the Rose Quartz gem. This summer we are embracing pink in refined tones. A mix of modern pinks with more progressive colors spawn an ultra trendy getup. Its hard to resist this beautiful gem. We have made a selection of the best combinations for you to wear this Summer. Are you ready for a dosis Style Inspiration? 

Switch up your daily gold / silver toned jewelry and neutral attire to a hint of pink. Make a sweet statement in jeweled accents and amp up the dainty with these avant garde combinations.  

A Hint of Pink 

Match our newest Leaf Collection with a hint of pink ;)1. Gold Leaf Rose Quartz necklaceset

Use statement earrings to highlight the face 

Your dress game may be on point, but if you intend to make your face the star of the show, grab a pair of statement earrings. 

2. Leaf Bangle Rose Quartz & Red Agate, 3. Rose Quartz Big Bang earringset

Stack for the best

Wearing a few bracelets together is nothing new. But today's fashionistas have discovered that you don't need to stop there when exploring the possibilities of your bracelet collection.4. Rose Quartz Bracelet Stack

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