Layering your jewelry

Like most fashion-loving people, you probably have an entire drawer or wall devoted to accessorising. Mastering the art of layering your jewelry can be difficult. You want it to look effortless yet pristine at the same time. It's way too easy and a bit boring to wear the same jewelry day in, day out right?

News flash: You can get way more mileage out of your jewelry trove if you know how to layer your pieces. Here are some stylist-approved tricks you need to know!

1. Don't save that flashy necklace for a special occasion - go ahead and pair it with your simpler go-to pieces to make a statement all day, every day. But don't mix too many chunky pieces, this makes you look like your "overdressing".

2. It's essential to create a balanced look; spacing is key. Try layering necklaces at different lengths so that each style can shine. You can create a more visually stimulating look by varying the lengths and styles of necklaces.
3. Following by number 2, combine different styles of necklaces for a more playful jewelry look. Mix for example a 90CM Ball chain with a 70CM loop chain.Check out our necklace page here for all different type of necklaces. 

4. When it comes to mixing materials - just do it! Why choose one colour if you can have more? Create catchy details by matching the bi-color Halo bracelets together with a gold Criss Cross necklace and silver Criss Cross necklace for the ultimate metal look.
5. You can keep it simple and minimalistic by using the same kind of pendant design (small + large) and necklace in both layers just like our girl Robin is wearing.
Shop her look: She wears a Flare Gold Minimal pendant with a 60CM Criss Cross necklace and a Tiger Eye Polished gemstone in the top layer. In the bottom layer she wears a Flare Gold Regular pendant with a 90CM Criss Cross necklace and a Tiger Eye Facet gemstone.


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