The yellow Jade

One of the newest members to the Sparkling Jewels gemstone family, meet the Yellow Jade. A beautiful yellow toned gem...

So jade is basically made up of two different minerals, Jadeite or Nephrite. A Yellow Jade is a Nephrite Mineral. Jade, pronounced "yu" in Chinese, means "the most beautiful stone". It was a royal gem in the early dynasties of Ancient China. It was part of cultural, religious and commercial use. The Chinese had a proverb that said: "gold is estimable, jade is priceless".

It is still a very popular stone in China, but it never has been founded in the country. 3000 years ago the Mesoamericans were carving the precious stone. Yellow Jade can only be found in New Zealand, South Korea and in the United states. 

Yellow Jade also has plenty of spiritual symbolism. It will promote emotional stability, and it will bring balance and harmony to loving relationships. Here at the HQ's of Sparkling Jewels we love to wear the Yellow Jade with Tiger prints or in combination with the Smokey Quartz.

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