The deep Red Agate

Bring more positive energy into your life. We love the spiritual healing power and mystical energy of crystals, from Rose Quartz, Yellow Jade to the Red Agate. All our gemstones are natural and are hand cut from the rough stones. We always try to select the best quality gemstones. 

Let us tell you something about one of our latest additions to the collections: The Red Agate. The Red Agate dates from the ancient Egypt times. As a divine gift, the agate was received in great esteem from man to man. 

1. Red Agate Bracelet Stack, 2. Red Agate Leaf Earring Set, 3. Core Crystal Gold necklace set. 

To date, the gem has not lost its mystical meaning. But its shapes and colors enchant the viewer since antiquity and the place of discovery (Brazil) makes him exotic as well as famous. The Red Agate is a protection stone. It allows you to stay grounded during stressful or emotional times. There are even people who say that this stone protects against snake, scorpion and insect bites.

We have told you enough facts and stories, let's talk about fashion. The Red Agate can be worn with almost anything. We are absolutely in love with the combination of gold and Rose Quartz. But we also like to mix Red Agate with Rose Golden details. Combine this stone with pink or with orange clothing for a multi color block look.

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