Lapis Lazuli - "a blue stone"

We have so many beautiful stones to keep close, each one with its own energy and a multitude of meanings to discover. We continue to tell you all about the special stones we offer.

With its deep blue color and many believed spiritual powers, Lapis Lazuli has been an incredibly sought after stone for thousands of years. Derived from the Latin word for stone and Persian word for blue, Lapis Lazuli is just that: a blue stone. Often referred to as simply Lapis, this stone has many uses over the centuries. Our Lapis Lazuli stone comes from parts of Pakistan and Russia. But this stone has also been discovered in North America and Canada. 

Of course some people say that Lapis Lazuli has special meanings or even healing properties. It is said that this stone helps you bring awareness of the soul and your spiritual purpose in life. For the Egyptians it was the great pyramids. For you, it's whatever your heart desires. Did you know that Lapis Lazuli is the traditional birthstone for December? It is also known as the planetary stone for Capricorn and the Zodiac stone for Libra. 

When it comes to styling this beautiful stone we say: don't mix it up with other gemstones. Let the Lapis do all the talking ;) This stone fits perfectly with gold but it also blend beautiful with silver jewelry. For example mix your Lapis Supernova eardrops with the golden Starburst earrings for a bold look!

Or go for a minimal necklaceset with the Core pendant, mixed with a Facet Lapis and an 60CM Anchor Chain.

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