From inspiration to creation

Netherlands - Zwolle: Every design starts with an idea. The creative mind never really stops and is fuelled by experiences and impressions along the way. The journey of a Sparkling Jewels pendant starts with our creative team, who's main pursuit is to innovate design in jewelry. 

Months before the start of a new collection, Sparkling Jewels Visual designer Vincent and co-owner Ton are already busy developing new designs. Vincent is our creative sketcher and is a genius when it comes to technical realistic sketching. "To be able to sketch jewelry as realistic as possible, you need technical insight. It is precision work and that is where my passion comes from. I think it's fantastic and very interesting to sketch out the tiny proportions of jewellery such as closures and hinges."

This season we are giving you an insight into the making of 'The Core' pendant.  At Sparkling Jewels we create jewelry with remarkable stories to tell. This particular pendant calls upon the universe for inspiration. The beauty of the universe is something that radiates meaning and mystery into the world. The Core pendant is inspired by earth's inner core. It's the most important and the central part of our planet. The inner core is a solid ball and temperatures rise above 5000°C. Vincent, Visual Designer - working on 'The Core' pendant in our creative studio, Zwolle, the Netherlands.

The new sketches are presented to the team and all steps are carefully discussed. New designs will only be added to the upcoming collections when everyone in our team agrees they are looking perfectly stunning. Once the pendant designs are finalised, - Founder and Creative Director - Ton processes the designs into digital 3D sketches on the computer. Every sketch will be developed in this fashion, down to the last detail. The Core pendant is now available in silver-, 14k gold- and 18k rose gold plated .

Get your favourite one hereTon & Vincent discussing the new sketches for Fall / Winter 2018.

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