Elles Hetbrij

“It is not that difficult what my favorite color is. You enter a red hall here, you sit here on a red couch and my jewelry is also red ”

- Elles Hetbrij

Elles is a real businesswoman. Passion for the hospitality industry was there from an early age and she dreamed of setting up something herself. She now has two successful companies: Cafe Hetebrij and restaurant Mr. Jan. In addition to these companies, she has set up her own beer brand since 2014 and there is even a street name in Zwolle named after her.

Sparkling Jewels: The theme of our fall collection is Bonded Together; Being a tribute to being together, living life together, and realizing dreams together. What does "together" mean for you?

Elles: At Bonded Together I have to think of our connected team. Only you are faster, together you get further. We keep brainstorming sessions weekly. Looking together at what is fun and giving people responsibility and empowering their strength. Communication must be open and honest and everything can be there.

Sparkling Jewels: Our jewelry is colorful, exuberant, challenging and versatile. How does this stand your passion and work?

Elles: The most important thing is connection, communication plays an important role in that, but you also have to do a little “Sparkling" look. You must have a good energy to be able to do business and keep your team together.

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