Change your Orbit bracelet

As you maybe already know, all our jewelry is interchangeable. You have so many possibilities, the options are endless! Combine different gemstones and plating colours with one another to create a unique and personal piece of jewelry. How to change your Orbit bracelet? Here is a little guide to explain it to you.

Three steps to create your own jewelry! So all of our Orbit bracelets are interchangeable and we have a lot of them! Whether you want to go for a chic, minimal look or make more of a bold colourful statement with your bracelet, our guide is here to help you.

Step 1.  Choose your favourite Orbit bracelet. The Orbit All shine bracelets in gold, rose gold and silver are available in two different sizes; with 4MM beads and with 6MM beads. The Orbit Gemstone bracelets are only available with 6MM beads, find your favourite one here.

Step 2.  Choose your interchangeable bracelet pendant. We have 9 different designs created for you, from minimalistic to classic with Swarovski stones, see all of our options here.

Step 3. Add sparkles and colour! It is time for you to choose your 14MM gemstone or Polaris ball. From Onyx to Red aventurine, Tiger-Eye or perhaps a shiny Polaris Gold Blue flame; you name it, we have it!

Step 4. Most important step: Now it's time for you to shine babe! 



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