Golden Treasures

A Unique Collection of Rings

A Unique Collection of Rings

Tuscany, Italy, is the place to fully enjoy 'La Dolce Vita' and the birthplace of the craft of goldsmiths.

A craft that has been passed on from father to son and daughter for decades. Via a picturesque road between the hills of the region and winding roads we arrive at the workshops where the Sparking Jewels 9-carat Golden Ring collection is brought to life. A treasure room, in all respects of the word.

Edgy elegance

Rings Designed in the Netherlands, with Gemstones Slip in Hong Kong and then processed into state-of-the-art pieces in Italy. For us it is a wonderful, worldwide marriage in which creativity and craft are central.

Be inspired and create your own unique style with our mix and match Rings. The Essential Rings Form the perfect basis for every jewelry look. Stack them together with beautiful Rings With a wide range of colorful Gemstones To create a unique and personal touch.