Which color type suits you?

Which color type suits you?

A beautiful piece of jewelry can give your outfit a little bit extra. But what colors do you choose and what best matches you? Especially when buying jewelry online, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the correct item. You naturally want to prevent a bad buy!
The color of your skin, eyes and hair are important elements to take into account when choosing a piece of jewelry. The right color tones are especially important in jewelry that you wear close to your skin such as a chain or earrings. If you wear a color that is not entirely matched to your appearance, it may happen that the jewelry will stand out earlier than yourself. You prefer to create a certain harmony between your natural appearance and the colors of the jewelry. Wearing the right materials and jewelry let your skin, eyes and hair color extra rays.

What is my color type?

The color types are often divided into three different categories, each with its own oppon, namely:
Cool • hot
Clear • Muted
Light • deep


You have a light skin and a cool appearance. Your skin regularly exudes blue tones. You can easily check this at the bottom of your arm. At this place you can see if your veins are blue. Colors that you probably wear less are bright colors such as yellow, orange and purple. Colors that are the best are bright, light and matte.


If your veins are greener in color, you often have a warmer skin tone. Your hair color is often red or maroon. Clear and gray tones match less to your warm appearance. Warm colors with a yellow color tone will suit you well. Our new twist collection fits perfectly with this color type. We have been inspired by warm colors and minimalist fashion.
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Colors that you often wear are plain and jump out immediately and you prefer to wear blue and gray tones. Your eyes stand out by a fresh green, bright blue or brown color. Colors that are less good to match your dull colors such as beige, ocher yellow and orange.


If you meet this picture you have no pronounced light or dark color. Your hair color is usually called light brown or dark blond. You love refined creations and soft colors. You will come across fierce colors in your style less quickly.


You have a (light) blonde and / or silver blonde hair color and likes to wear fresh colors and likes to get up. Fortunately these colors bring your skin the most beautiful forward. Dark and deep colors probably fit you less well.


You love warm colors and likes dressed in colorful clothes. These don't jump out right away but are certainly present. Colors that fit less to your skin and hair color are baby pink, soft yellow and other pastel colors. Our Twist Collection Consists of different colors that will be good.

Mix & Match!

At Sparkling Jewels you can get into all sides in terms of color. You can combine different elements of a jewel with each other. This is how you design your own unique piece of jewelry that suits you. Are you looking for a nice one chain, bracelet or a few earrings† At Sparkling Jewels you mix different jewelry with our collection gems† Would you like to view a jewel in the store? Then you can go to one of ours sales points.
The above explanation is of course not exact science. Choose especially for colors that you like and so that you feel more powerful. This is of course the most important thing. If you feel happy you can transfer this feel to others!