The Current Trend - Minimalist Jewelry


Minimalist jewelry

With pronounced jewelry you can show who you are and that you are there. But on some days you prefer to choose slightly less striking jewelry.
You probably see the trend of minimalist jewelry. The trend focuses less on statement items in which fierce colors are central. Minimalist provides a focus on you as a person. Not only in fashion, but also in the rest of life. Because we are convinced that if you ask less, you will get more.

The minimalist movement

In the 50s and 60 the minimalist artistic movement in America came up with a number of core principles. They resist the overcompensation of bright, expressive colors and patterns in Fashion. Instead, the movement prefers to have monochrome black or white to re-focus the mind on the things that they really thought about life. This core value of minimalist is clearly reflected in the fashion industry to this day.
Refined jewelry is a good choice if you prefer to choose elegance and care. The jewelry can easily be combined and therefore durable. For women who are much en route, jewelry with minimalist elements are not only super stylish, but also practical and comfy. The jewelry can be described as a refined base jewelry who lasts for years.

A Different 'Twist'

For our new Twist Collection we have been inspired by the minimalist fashion trend. We have translated this in our creative design process to beautiful items. The jewelry from the collection is durable and fit perfectly with a daily outfit. They put the focus on you and just give you a little extra to really radiate.
The collection consists of precious stones in stylish colors with a vintage edge. The hangers and necklaces are refined and are easy to combine with different colors of precious stones. You can find the literal 'twist' pattern in the earrings, penders and bracelets.
You can do combining the different elements yourself with our mix and match concept. You choose your favorite ornament, pendant and gem. So you always create a unique piece of jewelry that suits you.

Be unique,
Be Sparkling Jewels!