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Mix and Match Jewelry

Sparkling Jewels challenges women around the world to show their personality with colorful, handmade precious stones that match every fashion season. Be inspired by real women who create jewelry sets with our Mix & Match collection that are just as unique as they are.

Personal jewelry

The precious stones of our chains, bracelets and earrings are interchangeable. This means that with one golden, silver, rosé-colored basic set and different colors of precious stones have plenty of opportunities to put together your colorful set that fits your unique style.
Sparkling Jewels releases a new range of gems each season that matches the colors and forms of the moment so that you are always on trend with your set.

Our precious stones
Unique, handmade and colorful.

Every collection we are inspired by Fashion Trends and the unique personality of women around the world. We translate this inspiration into our creative design process to precious stones with their own color and story. Our precious stones are all handmade. So this means that every gem is so unique as you do.


Some women get strength from the meaning of their gem. That's the black popular Onyx For focus and self-confidence, our hip Tiger eye For intuition and the soft Rose quartz for love.


Which gemstone it suits you!

Be unique, be sparkling jewels

We are curious how you have put your Sparkling Jewels together and how you combine this with your outfit or with other jewelry. Share your photo with #beSparklingJewels† These women already went for:

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