Different colors jewelry combine with your clothes.

Different colors jewelry combine with your clothes.

The days are getting shorter, it is getting dark faster, the winter is coming. Although the summer has been over for a while, the color will not disappear from our lives. You still see a lot of color in 2021. This year the Fall Winter 2020-2021 fashion colors show a preference of real, pure and fairly bright shades. The colors look like to get out of a color box. A lot Orange-red shades, earth tones, a lot blue, Purple and pink.

Combine jewelry with your outfit.

Pink & Purple

Whether you like to make a statement in light purple or the soft pink: this fall and winter you don't see much tons of sur ton more. It is especially many different colors mix & match. Just like at the Sparkling Jewels concept. Our Pink Rhodonite Stone is perfect with these colors. This pastel pink stone has a soft look and is therefore easy to combine with many soft tones. Also our purple Amethyst We can't forget stone, this light purple stone is beautiful to combine with Orange & green† Below we tell more about it.

Orange and green

In 2020 there was also a lot of attention to the environment. Also in 2021 we will see a lot of greenery again, especially khaki colors that are often seen in nature. But also Orange orange see you soon Green as a frog: It is especially those shades that transform the winter fashion into a real color spectacle. These colors are also often combined with each other. The khaki and pale green colors are often combined in 2020 with an orange tan.

Citrine Quartz In combination with our Moss Agate This is the perfect combi to ray along next season. The Moss Agate owes its name to the greenish inclusions that resemble moss. Look deep into the stone and it is like seeing a lush green landscape to you. Also the Moss Agate Nice to combine with the gold jewelry. Perfect for the holidays!

Different types of precious stones and the colors.


We also see a lot of wine / bordeaux red. It is chic, tempting, sexy and a tad mysterious. In addition, it also combines easily with the basics in your cupboard such as white, black, gray, nude. The warm and powerful tone of Bordeaux red Red jade A perfect addition to the Fall - winter collection. In combination with the latest trends in Fashion, this gemstone will put the point on the "I" of your autumn look. In addition, the Red Jade Also nice to combine with color brown, gold, pink, soft blue and purple.

With Bordeaux red clothing is our Blue Aventurine Nice to combine. With the somewhat dominating red & the milky blue hint from the Aventurine this is a perfect combination. The Blue stone of the Aventurine Has many different blue tones in it, so that, for example, a cool jeans is also a true match.

Neutral colors

The color that connects the rest of the colors and ensures that it is not too busy is beige. And everything that looks like. From off-white to cream white tones, from a beige shade to mother-of-pearl. Especially different shades of white together is a true match. As a result, keep it calm but there is also play in the combination and it certainly doesn't get boring!

Possibly beige and gray tones in combination with the white tones also nice to combine. In combi with our Mother of Pearl Gemstones You complete your look completely. At the moment it's a true trend! You will see them everywhere; jewelry covering the beauty and wealth of Pearl radiate.

Combine jewelry


That the color blue on the catwalks often occurred us certainly not escaped. It is not only the classic color blue that colored the catwalks, the shades of blue went from fresh light blue, sky blue, royal blue to deep dark blue. They are all sparkling shades that are inspired by the ocean colors.

Black and / or white with blue

We will carry all these blue tones in a very modern way. We combine them with black or white, or with black and white. In particular the blue-black combination is very popular. The idea that you can't bear these two, has long been a thing of the past. Our Onyx gemstone Is a perfect match with this and is a real must have for every season and every fashionista.

Where your previous years saw more dark colors in the autumn winter you can get into all sides now and we head together a colored autumn & winter. We can use some color after such a moved year. With our mix and match concept you have plenty of freedom to put together your colorful set so that it fits with unique personal style.

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