International Women's Day

Four international Women's Day with Sparkling Jewels

International Women's Day 2021

Today is International Women's Day, the day that is all about the solidarity and combatability of women around the world. At the end of the 19th century and during the 20th century women have increasingly emerged for their rights, including in the field of labor and judge. And that may be celebrated! International Women's Day is also for empowerment among women all over the world. Let us pull up the sleeves of our nail blouse, and scream: "We can dot it!" In order to stand still at where we come from and where the woman goes.

Sparkling Jewels is inspired by the woman

Every collection we are inspired by Fashion Trends and the unique personality of women around the world. We translate this inspiration into our creative design process to precious stones with their own colors and story, so also the new colors Spring and summer 2021. Our gems are all handmade. This means that every gem is so unique as the woman itself.

Inspiring women

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is inspired by her commitment to make it clear to the world that men and women are equal and that everyone can determine how he / she completes life without being pushed in boxes by stereotypes. In 2014 she gave a speech at an event about gender inequality. She spoke as an UN Women Goodwill Ambassador for the Heforeshe campaign, a campaign that had to ensure that not only women behind gender equality are, but also men. Through her perseverance, combatability, and passion we find the Red jade best suit her. This stone stands for combatability, fire, passion and stand up for yourself and others.

Bethany Williams

Bethany Williams inspires us through her commitment to make the fashion world a bit better. The British designer designs sustainable fashion. Williams launched a gender-neutral exclusive collection for Selfridges department store. The designer gave a look at London Fashion Week a look in her way of working and personally explained her jacket collection. The Patchwork Jackets from the Williams collection are made from used blankets' that we have collected from the entire country, "said the designer. Because they bring change in the world, radiates positivity and doing well for the environment, we find the Green Aventurine Best match Bethany. This stone Considers changes, both in work and private and helps you to see the positive sides.

Halima Aden

The American-Somali Halima Adenis the first model that wore a hijab on catwalks and covers, but now she takes a step back into the fashion world. She believes that the requirements of the industry were in danger of religious beliefs. The name Halima Aden may not immediately ring a bell, but in recent years she has made a furore in MODELAND. She received a contract with IMG models and walked shows for large fashionables with a headscarf, including Kanye West are Yeezy. She also stood model for Fenty Beauty, the beauty brand of Rihanna. In 2018 she shared with other ladies with different backgrounds the cover of the British Vogue. It was the first time in history that the magazine placed a model with headscarf on the front page. A year later, in 2019, Magazine Sports went illustrated for a scoop with Aden on the cover in a hijab and Berkini. Because Halima has emerged for himself and for other women who also wear a headscarf, she is original and honest, we find the Mother of Pearl Best fit her. De Mother Of Pearl has a soft and purifying energy. In addition, the stone brings peace and stimulates properties such as honesty, understanding, and wisdom.

We will leave you

Sparkling Jewels challenges women around the world to show their personality with Colorful handmade precious stones They fit with every fashion season. Be inspired by real women who create jewelry sets with our Mix and Match collection that are just as unique as they are. With our New colors of precious stones Glitter into the spring full of self-confidence. Because you, you are a Power Woman!