Claudia English

“Mix and match with jewelry is very important to me. I like to match different styles and colors together and I am also very colorful. ”

- Claudia English

Claudia is a creative centipede. From an early age she has been in her mother's store and helped women pick out women with the most beautiful clothing sets. Six years ago she started her own company "Claudia Engels Styling" where she is mainly busy styling presenters and presenter for TV programs and also dress models for fashion magazines, Roder Loper Events and Personal Shopping.

Sparkling Jewels: The theme of our fall collection is Bonded Together; Being a tribute to being together, living life together, and realizing dreams together. What does "together" mean for you?

Claudia: With the Bonded Together theme I have to think of the long collaborations that I have built up with my customers. You start building a certain style together and the longer you work together, the more that style actually takes shape and others start to recognize the style. Working together is key.

Sparkling Jewels: Our jewelry is colorful, exuberant, challenging and versatile. How does this stand your passion and work?

Claudia: Jewelry is very important for me to finish an outfit. This is where I distinguish myself because if I deliver a clothing set then I always ensure that I combine the right jewelry. That the accessories are completely correct is very important to me.

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